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Training on SAP Modules Plant Maintenance
  • Subjects covered
  • Business process in plant maintenance
  • Maintenance and service processing
  • Preventing and operation - Maintenance,
  • Processing: operational functions
  • Analytics of enterprise asset management
  • Structuring and managing technical objects
Quality Management Subjects covered :
  • Business process in quality management
  • Planning and inspection
  • Quality management in procurement
  • Sales & distribution
  • Discrete manufacturing
Project Management Subjects covered :
  • SAP overview
  • SAP PLM overview
  • Business process in project management
  • Project management structures
  • Logistics and controlling
Financial Accounting Subjects covered :
  • Overview of mySAP Business suite
  • Organizational units, master data and document in financial accounting
  • Special G/L transaction and document parking
  • Handling of payments, dunning, interest calculation, closing operation in financial accounting
  • Organizational Structures, master data and business process in asset accounting the new general ledger
  • Reporting options in financial accounting
  • Parallel accounting from a financial accounting viewpoint
  • Overview of SAP solution manager
Management Accounting Subjects covered :
  • Overview of my SAP business suite
  • Organizational structures and master data in overhead cost controlling
  • Profit centre master data and assignments
  • Planning integration in management accounting
  • Reference and simulation costing
  • Setting of product cost planning
  • Definition master data and transactional data tablets in profitability analysis
  • Definition of drilldown reports painter reports
  • Overhead cost controlling in BW
  • Overview of SAP Solution Manager
Human Capital Management Subjects covered :
  • Online of SAP ERP - HCM
  • Configuration of human resource master data
  • Organization management
  • Configuration of time management
  • Reporting in human resource management
  • Training and event management
  • Recruitment personal development, personal cost planning
  • Manager's desktop and managers self service
Supply Chain Management - Sales Distribution Subjects covered :
  • Online knowledge product self study
  • Enterprise structure in sales process and distribution
  • Creating and scheduling agreements
  • Reporting and analyses on the process in sales and distribution
  • Pricing and conditions
  • Controlling billing documents
  • Revenue account determination-message determination, taxes determination
  • Master data in sales and distribution
Procurement Subjects covered :
  • Master data of material management
  • Purchase requisition, quotation, purchase order
  • Procurement of stock material
  • Details of logistics invoice verification
  • Goods receipts, good issues, transfer posting
  • Customizing valuation and account assignment
  • Customizing inventory management
  • Solution manager
Training on SAP packages SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Broadline considers the security and protection of your personal data and information important. Therefore, Broadline operates its website in compliance with applicable laws on data privacy protection and data security. SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO): SAP APO offers a fully integrated pallet of functions that companies can use to plan and execute their supply chain processes. SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM): SAP SRM provides companies with innovative methods to coordinate their business processes with their key suppliers and make them more effective. SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM): SAP SEM lets companies dynamically adapt their strategies, and change the course of their organization. SAP High Performance Business Analytics (HANA): SAP HANA is the in-memory computing platform that lets companies accelerate business processes, deliver more business intelligence, and simplify their IT environment.
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Why SAP?

SAP is the world's most successful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. A recent SAP User Group survey revealed that over 70% organizations hire only certified SAP professionals. SAP training can open our career opportunities like never before! Now, here's good news! In exclusive arrangement with Broadline.
Why Broadline training?

A SAP Education Partner, Broadline is a 25-year old leading-edge software consulting company. Broadline offers SAP-based solutions to corporates and governments across India, and in many locations in USA, UK, and the Far East
The certifications are based
on the following SAP solutions

High Performance
Business Analytics (HANA)

Sales & Distribution

Human Resources

Materials Management

Production Planning

Financial Accounting

Management Accounting

Advanced Business
Application Programming
SAP training at Broadline
Types of training offered

Online Training - OLT
SAP E-Academies represent SAP Education's flexible learning program, offering comprehensive training in a convenient and cost effective manner. Each SAP E-Academy is an e-learning bundle representing the content you would receive in an SAP Education classroom delivered academy curriculum.

Virtual Live Classroom - VLC
With virtual live classroom training you get comprehensive training from SAP experts using seamless over-the Web connectivity. The same content delivered in SAP's traditional 'brick and mortar' classrooms is presented during virtual live classroom deliveries.

Instructor Led Training - ILT
SAP E-Academies represent SAP Education's flexible learning program, offering comprehensive training in a convenient and cost effective manner. Each SAP E-Academy is an e-learning bundle representing the content you would receive in an SAP Education classroom delivered academy curriculum.

Inspiring Success Stories Mr. Bharat, a former employee at CADD who successfully completed his SAP training, is now a Senior Software Engineer at Capgemini. Having his roots from the financial industry, he never imagined of successfully completing a SAP certification and becoming a software engineer.
Dream Job Bharat in school days desired of being a Chartered Accountant and hence entered the field of finance. He never had a dream company but always dreamt of working in a company where he could face interesting challenges, learn new things, innovate and explore.
SAP Certification Bharat first learned about SAP through a friend's father who was an Associate Manager of SAP at Accenture. He found that SAP had a huge scope and offered a lot of opportunities to travel around the world and decided to enroll for SAP certification. Initially, he faced a little difficulty in availing a loan. However, he tackled the issues and pursued his SAP certification course through Broadline technologies powered by Broadline.
A New Life at Cap Gemini At CADD, Bharat used to take care of payroll, income tax, sales tax, accounts of Livewire and Dreamflower and has also helped the auditor to finalize the preparation of financial statements. He says, "I bet that there won't be a company like CADD in the market with such a friendly approach with the employees." He feels grateful to Broadline for supporting him through his journey.
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